Dr. Chiranjeev “CJ” Bordoloi, Director, Co-Founder

Dr. CJ Bordoloi is a Technologist who spent his 20s building multi-billion businesses globally for large companies such as IBM and Deloitte. In his 30s, Dr. Bordoloi cut his teeth as a Technology Entrepreneur that successfully delivered 100s of Millions of dollars in liquidity events for Private Equity Investors that leveraged international expansion as a competitive advantage. Now in his 40s, Dr. Bordoloi is the Managing Partner of I-Square Ventures where he helps invest Corporate & Private Equity capital globally and serves as an Advisor to C-level Executives that have a technology-driven global growth agenda. His diverse group of long-term clients include a specialty insurance company with approximately $8 Billion in revenue and $500 Million in EBITDA, a biotech company with approximately $9 Billion in revenue and $2.5 Billion in EBITDA, and one of the largest e-commerce companies in the world with more than $200 Billion in revenue.

Dr. Bordoloi holds a BA in Management from Luther College, an MBA in Management Information Systems from Metropolitan State University, a Doctorate in Computing from Pace University, and an Executive Education Certificate in Artificial Intelligence from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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