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The National Cybersecurity Society is a community of participating technology professionals focused on helping small businesses stay safe online.
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The National Cybersecurity Society is a non-profit organization focused on providing cybersecurity education, awareness and advocacy to small businesses.

The NCSS provides cybersecurity education tailored to the needs of the small business owner; helps small businesses assess their cybersecurity risk; distributes threat information to business owners so that they will be more knowledgeable about the threats facing their business; and provides advice on the type of services needed to stay safe online.

Our Mission

The NCSS is committed to improving the online safety and security of the small business community through education, awareness and advocacy. Our goal is to enable and empower SMBs to access cybersecurity services, assist them in understanding their cyber risk and educate them on the type of protection they need.

Our Vision

Our vision is a strong and prosperous small business community, with the ability to conduct business safely and securely in the digital economy.

What we do

  • Assist small businesses in understanding their cyber risk.
  • Provide advice on the types of cybersecurity services needed and available for small businesses.
  • Educate small businesses on the type of protection they need.
  • Collaborate with partners to ensure the highest service delivery.
  • Provide “Ask-an-Expert” service, so small businesses have access to technical expertise to address their issues or concerns.
  • Provide education and advisory services.

Our Core Values

  • Continuous Learning and Improvement: We are committed to assisting small businesses learn and improve their ability to thwart cyber crime; we are also continual learners – from Board members, employees and our community of partners. This core value ensures our advice, education and advocacy is world class, based on leading industry trends and norms.
  • Agile and Responsive: We are committed to responding to the small business community in agile and responsive methods, we are always ready to help.
  • Teamwork through partnerships: We believe in teaming with leading technologists, educators, and service providers. We collaborate and partner with industry leaders, educators and vendors to bring the best solutions to the small business community. We deliver an integrated team of capabilities to ensure risk reduction.

Donors and Team Members

Our community is comprised of information technology and security companies and those professionals focused on protecting the safety and security of the small business owner. These companies have contributed funds, technical advice and sponsor educational videos, webinars and conferences. Our technologists provide advice, recommendations and remediation support and staff the “Ask the Expert” feature on our website. We are actively soliciting donations from organizations, individuals and companies who want to see the small business community succeed.

Don’t wait another day, become a member and start protecting your business. With your annual membership your company will have access to the full suite of capabilities and educational support.

If you have been the victim of a cyber crime or cyber bullying, contact us at me@nationalcybersecuritysociety.org. We will be happy to provide you a free or discounted membership to help you on the road to recovery.

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Phone: 703-340-7757

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