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The NCSS has developed this calendar of events that you might consider in planning your training for the year for your employees or third party suppliers.

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Upcoming Events

MIT Technology Review’s premier cybersecurity conference

Date December 13 – 15, 2021
Time 2 00 PM – 6 00 PM (GMT)
Duration 4 hours for 3 days (11 hours of online training and 1 hour of examination)
Mode Online
Fees • USD 120 for regular participant
• USD 80 for Chapter Members (we have reduced the price by $40 as Christmas offer.

We shall provide 2 free seats to your chapter board members for all your support in sharing the CWASP training details with your chapter members. I would be much happy to give you a quick walkthrough of the CWASP course content and to address any queries which you might have regarding the training.

Secured Cloud Computing Practitioner (SCCP) Training

Date November 29th – 2nd December 2021
Time 2:00 PM – 6:00 PM (GMT)
Duration 4 hours for 4 days (15 hours of online training and one hour of examination)
Mode Online
Fees USD 150 for the regular participant.
USD 120 for ISACA/ISC2 Members.

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