On June 9, 2017, at WeWork, Washington D.C. over twenty-five IT security and cybersecurity professionals donated their time and expertise during Impact Day to support The National Cybersecurity Society (NCSS) with educational materials and products.

Impact Day is a celebration of Deloitte’s year-round commitment to local communities. The goal is to help people, including undervalued groups, reach their full potential, which in turn helps strengthen America’s future workforce and economy. Protecting small business against cybersecurity risks is key to a strong U.S economy.

NCSS works with victims of cybercrime, government and businesses of all sizes to help fortify cybersecurity on a continual basis to help thwart evolving cyber threats and to mitigate the effects of cyber incidents when they occur.

“Today, we were thrilled to help the NCSS by contributing to their mission of cybersecurity education and protection, said, Joe Costigan, Site Lead, Deloitte. We typically focus on large organizations however this was a great opportunity to help the small business community.”

Deloitte team members contributed articles, fact sheets and how-to-guides on key cybersecurity topics. Over the next couple of weeks, NCSS personnel will be formatting and uploading the content to the website. “Over 200 hours of technical expertise was donated and we are thankful to Deloitte for their recognition of our mission to help small businesses stay safe from cyber threats,” Mary Ellen Seale, CEO.

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