Organizational Design (OD) for Fortune 40

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The future state supply chain for a Fortune 40 Company requires the delivery of a customer experience that is competitive on speed, convenience, choice, visibility, and predictability.  It needs to be cost efficient, flexible, and nimble enough to adapt to the evolving needs of customers, associates, and partners.  In order to successfully deliver the future state supply chain, the right structures, capabilities, and talent need to be established to unlock capacity, streamline operations, and accelerate growth.

As part of the Organizational Design (OD) team, we evaluated each of supply chain strategy work streams to determine the immediate needs to support pilot programs and weigh the long-term implications to organizational structures, roles and responsibilities, and internal and external business operations.  We developed the methodology, approach, and organizational design recommendations that improved clarity of organizational accountability and reduced handoffs and layers of approval.  The Company now has the efficiency, collaboration, and innovation required to compete more effectively.


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April 3, 2018

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